At IPCNetworks, we offer our clients a full range of services based upon their requirements. Our customized, affable and
qualified on-site services, our response time below 48 hours and free equipment analysis are just a small sample of our offer.

Below is a detailed description of our services

Hardware and Software

We offer multiple services for your equipment, including:


IPCNetworks repair services cover a wide variety of issues, from hardware trouble to operating system or Internet incompatibilities. We work on any PC model, from 486 to Pentium IV, or AMD. We analyze motherboards, periferals, accessories and OS software.

Repairs include verifying and replacing deteriorated PC components, which often impair the computer from functioning properly. Verification is a general step-by-step check-up that identifies damaged components and any necessary replacement parts.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Don't wait until your equipment fails to give it a professional check-up and cleaning! Save money on costly future repairs.

Several factors may cause a wide range of problems on your equipment. You don't have to trust it to inexperienced vendors who might aggravate the problem. At IPCNetworks, we understand your equipment's value and are committed to restoring it.

Equipment Upgrades.

Your equipment can be updated to continue providing you with an excellent service. There is no need for costly investments. Do not discard or lose your equipment's value! With only a few modifications, we can help you upgrade it to the highest level.

Home and Small Business Networks

IPCNetworks offers years of experience and the best service available for small and medium-sized networks. We fulfill all types of hardware and software-related network requirements including:

  • Network Design, Implementation and Administration.
  • Web Servers, Email, FTP.
  • LAN/WAN & Wireless Connections.
  • Gateways, Routers & Firewall Configuration.
  • Performance Monitoring.
  • Network Maintenance.
  • User Training and Assistance.

Webpage Hosting

Our hosting services are among the fastest and most reliable available in the market. As soon as payment is processed, your account is activated and you receive your own IP address. Our leading-edge technologies enable you to start working on your website immediately.